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Goldstein Mediation provides divorce mediation in a safe and compassionate environment. Your trained mediator helps you find peace of mind and create a plan to move forward with confidence - now and in the future.

Selecting a Divorce Process

Selecting a Divorce Process Key Facts about Divorce: Regardless of process, over 90% of all Minnesota divorce cases settle prior to reaching trial. You are the expert of your life. You are capable of making fair and reasonable decisions about your future. You have choices when deciding how to proceed with your divorce. Self-determined agreements yield better results than imposed outcomes. Like many couples you may have begun your divorce journey with the mutual goal and intent of being cooperative in order to save money and protect your children. You may have discussed possible agreements at the kitchen table; and despite your best efforts, you hit a road block because you did not know how to proceed, or you were …

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From the Judges of Family Court ~ Divorce In Minnesota

Divorce In Minnesota The Minnesota Judicial Branch has published an exceptional brochure entitled “From the Judges of Family Court: What to Expect…Divorce in Minnesota.” In reviewing, it appears to serve as a “reality check” for the litigants.  Here is some of what the Court has to say: A divorce can be a painful and difficult experience, but if you understand the functions and limitations of the legal system, the process becomes less frustrating. It is our hope, as Judges of Family Court, that this article will give you a better understanding of the process, and help you get through your divorce with realistic ideas and goals.

Minnesota Divorce Mediator | Divorce Mediation Minnesota

Divorce Mediation MN Mediation focuses on the parties’ needs and interests, whereas the traditional adversarial process focuses on the parties’ alleged entitlements or rights. The usual hiring of two separate expensive attorneys to act as each parties’ mouth-piece, with the inevitable “broken telephone effect,” the customary fighting in court, ultimately results in a third-party neutral thrusting a decision onto the couple. The likelihood of each party’s satisfaction with such a decision is low, resulting in lack of adherence to the various court ordered obligations, and further expensive litigation.