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Goldstein Mediation provides divorce mediation in a safe and compassionate environment. Your trained mediator helps you find peace of mind and create a plan to move forward with confidence - now and in the future.

Never Married Parent Mediation MN

The legal system does not adequately protect unmarried partners when their partnership dissolves.

You and your partner have been living together for years. During your relationship, you have comingled your bank accounts, among other assets. One of you has used their savings to purchase a home or buy furniture for the house. The other has cashed in some stock and used the funds to put a deck off the living room. One of you has given up a career to stay home with the children while the other stayed in the workforce to build up benefits.

Now you are splitting up and going your separate ways. Both of you are angry at how this relationship has ended. You each talk to an attorney and discover that you have very limited legal solutions due to the fact that you did not marry. Communication becomes impossible and there seems to be no way to reasonably allocate property or decide what to do with the kids. What do you do?

Mediation is a process that can be used to address the needs of unmarried couples, who are working through a separation of their relationship and acquired property, without litigation. Mediation is a structured problem-solving process in which a neutral third person assists the parties in reaching an agreement. The mediator, who is trained and experienced in negotiation, facilitates the discussions and manages the process to ensure full discussion and resolution of the issues.

The parties negotiate directly with one another under the direct supervision and guidance of a mediator. The mediator creates an environment where the parties can sit together to discuss settlement options. The mediator establishes ground rules for effective communication so that an argument turns into a problem-solving discussion. Even though emotions can run high, the mediator keeps the parties focused and moving forward to resolution of the issues.

The result of mediation is a written agreement that is satisfactory to both the parties. The goal is not "winning" but rather resolution of the issues and a result that both parties can live with. The agreement gives the parties a reasonable way to divide their comingled property where the court would not. It also gives the parties a plan for the children. In some cases, a co-custody plan for the children will be recognized by the court. Then, with the help of an attorney familiar with these plans, they can be submitted to the juvenile court to become binding on the parties and their children.

Mediation encourages participants, married or not, to see themselves, and each other, as capable parents with a continuing responsibility to plan together for the future of their children!

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