There is a way.

Goldstein Mediation provides divorce mediation in a safe and compassionate environment. Your trained mediator helps you find peace of mind and create a plan to move forward with confidence - now and in the future.

Marriage Mediation or Divorce?

Before Divorce, There Are Creative Options

There are many reasons to separate and many to work toward family reunification. The question presented is if this relationship was worth creating, is it now worth saving?

Marriage mediation is a method of negotiation, working to take the sting out of the communication mix. It focuses on the issues at hand and works toward solutions that will work in your relationship. These agreements are documented and may include a variety of elements from finances to balancing the power in the relationship.

The Road You Choose To Follow Is Important

Mediation works for couples and families wanting to preserve their marriage but faces conflict, difficult or complex circumstances where decisions need to be made.

When couples or families desire to stay together, but are faced with difficult circumstances challenging their relationship mediation can provide a breath of fresh air for the situation. Working with a neutral third party, in the privacy of a neutral meeting location, a facilitated meeting by a mediator promotes a more positive and better quality of interaction. The interaction can be slowed down, articulated, or summarized, allowing time for the parties to think and respond more thoughtfully about sensitive and important matters. Decisions can be more fully formed and completely responsive to each family's needs and situations.

Mediations such as these can be one-time meetings or a series of meetings, as mutually determined by the parties involved. An important element to these meetings is that they are confidential and private. They cannot become a part of any court records.

They may include issues such as:

  • Financial matters
  • Loss of a job or income
  • Sickness or injury
  • Educational decisions about children
  • A child entering college
  • Alcohol or substance use
  • Marital breaches
  • Moves or transfers
  • Pregnancy
  • In-law relationships
  • Births
  • Care-taking of elderly parents
  • Step parenting and blended families
  • Emotionally challenged children's needs…and so on

All families face challenges and changes at certain times in their lives. Often times these can be significant.

Marital mediation is about offering the opportunity for quality interaction about difficult issues and making informed decisions together. The beauty of marital mediation is that it can be accessed and reevaluated as needed or as decided by the parties involved. It is a preventative way to maintain a long and healthy marriage for many years until death do you part.

Communities We Serve

Goldstein Mediation is proud to provide marriage mediation to people in the the communities of Minneapolis, St Paul, St. Louis Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Wayzata, Plymouth, Fridley, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Osseo, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Rogers, Albertville, St Michael, Otsego, Elk River, Hopkins, Minnetonka, and the surrounding areas.